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Four Leaf Shield Anchor bolt

  • Anchor bolt
  • Shield Anchor bolt
  • Four Leaf anchor bolt
  • Shield Anchor bolt
  • Product description: Four Leaf Shield Anchor bolt

Structure: sleeve+nut+taper

huierjinshu.luosi.com/ target='_blank'>fengye Expansion Bolt used for installation of Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles on Facades of Buildings.

Size: M6-M24 or non-standard as request & design

Material: Q235,45#, AISI304(A2-70)  AISI316(A4-80) etc.

* The Expansion Bolt consists of bolt,sleeve,flat washer, nut, taper.

* Anchor and FengYe bolt length have to be matched to the hole depth required and to the panel bracket chosen.

Taizhou FengYe Metal Products Co.,Ltd is professional in stainless steel Expansion bolt fixing system since 1995,if you have any questions about this Expansion bolt,please feel free to connect us.

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