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Undercut Anchor

Undercut Anchor (QJ-01)

  • Undercut anchor
  • back bolt
  • Undercut Anchor (QJ-01)
  • expansion bolt
  • Product description: Undercut Anchor (QJ-01)

QJ-01 :  Bolt+Sleeve+Clip+Spring Washer+Flat Washer+Nut

huierjinshu.luosi.com/ target='_blank'>fengye Undercut Anchor used for installation of Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles on Facades of Buildings.

Size: M6*30 M6*35 M8*30 M8*35

Material: AISI304(A2-70)  AISI316(A4-80)

* Anchor and FengYe bolt length have to be matched to the hole depth required and to the panel bracket chosen.

* The anchor is expanded to its original dimension by inserting the mfs bolt to a controlled depth,so that the sleeve sits snugly against the undercut section of the hole in the facade panel.

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